The Eiffel offers a splendid walking area with both flat and hilly tracks through the countryside and forests.
There are splendid asphalt cycle-tracks crossing the whole region and off-road mountain bike tracks.

Visit us and discover this amazing area with its beautiful countryside and leisure activities plus access to the world-famous Nurburgring race track.

In a radius of 35 kilometers, there are castles from different centuries and also the “Vulkanmaare”, a volcanic lake. Maybe you would also like to visit one of the many game parks in the Volcanic Eiffel.

Why not spoil yourself in the Bad Bertrich thermal baths (with bathing water at 32º C ) or in the Ahr Thermal baths supplied with warm mineral water (32º . 37º C)?

Favourite day trips include:

1.The world famous Nurburgring including the North Loop
2.Castle Eltz
3.Castle Pyrmont
4.The Dauner volcanic museum
5.the Benedictine Abbey at Maria Laach on the Laacher lake
6.the volcanic lake: the “Eye of the Eiffel”.
7.The medieval village of Monreal with its timber-frame houses.
8.the closely situated Ahr valley with its famous footpaths through the red wine growing region,
9.Trier, the oldest city in Germany
10.the Duchy of Luxembourg in Belgium: also at the weekend.
12.Koblenz with the “Deutschen Eck” : the confluence of the Mosel and the Rhine and the Ehrenbreitstein fortress.
13.the Mosel valley with fantastic motorbike tracks
14.the popular towns of Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel
15.the 747 meter high viewing point on the Hoch –Acht


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